Union County Animal Shelter (Heaven Can Wait)

Meet Jack, the pound pup mascot of Pineapple Hill. We found him at the Union County Animal Shelter just three days before he was due to be euthanized. The animal shelter had rescued him from a dog fighters that planned to use him as training “bait”. As a result of his narrow escapes, we named him after Jack Sparrow escape artist in the movie Pirates of the Caribbean.

The Union County Animal Shelter has many dogs and cats needing good homes. If you don’t have a pet keeping you company, think about rescuing one. They’re waiting for you right now, hoping you’ll walk in the door to take them into your life.

Union County Animal Control.

1657 Jonesville Highway
Union, South Carolina 29379
Phone: 864-429-2808
Email: info@countyofunion.com
Website: www.countyofunion.com/Animal.html