Jonesville in the early 1900s

Interest in the history of Jonesville, South Carolina? This photo is believed to have been taken in Jonesville in the early 1900s. The window of the building in the foreground to the left says “bank”. Would this be the same Jonesville bank that once stood on the corner of Main Street and Depot (where today a vacant lot waits for a new business to be built?)

I wonder who that fellow is coming around the corner? Where was he headed? Where had he been? Was he a visitor? A local?

I wonder who ran that store with the “Clothing” and “Shoes” sign? What else did they sell? Maybe things from there are up in the attic of old houses around here?

If you’ve ever played “connect-the-dots” you’ll there’s a lot going on in this image.

Things to wonder about. Things to imagine.

To explore. And discover.

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